You Don’t Know what you don’t know – Plantronics

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Today we caught up with Don Kerr, the Senior BDM from Plantronics who took us through their key products for in office and mobile use. The team at HubOne use the Plantronics headsets (either the Voyager Legend UC or new Voyager Focus) all day long in the office and when out and about. If you’ve called our support line or any of our team members, its most likely that you’ve heard their performance. For us, after using quite a large array of headphones and headsets, we find the Plantronics headsets to work well in the business environment, have amazing engineering and build quality and the microphone noise cancelling is second to none.

The products here are available in the HubOne Store.


You Don’t know what you don’t know is a series of webcasts hosted by HubOne on various useful topics across Microsoft Office 365 and the HubOne Solution set. You can register to be notified for new sessions and videos by completing the form below.

You don’t know what you don’t know – Dashboards

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HubOne Modern PracticeEvery week we run a special session where you can spend 30 minutes and learn some cool technology you didn’t know about. In this session, on Tuesday this week, Nick Beaugeard will introduce Free PowerBI and show how you can create amazing dashboards and data analytics from data you already have in accounting systems and practice management systems.

We host the session over lync, so you can download the appointment here.

The session this week is on the 8th December at 11:00 am AEST (Sydney)

Microsoft PowerBI is an amazing new tool for accountants and financial services professionals. Sometimes called Excel on Steroids, you will be amazed at the power you can have at your fingertips in seconds.

Recovering from the 5000 file limit in SharePoint Online

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Picture1SharePoint Online (part of Office 365) has one very specific limitation. If a folder has more than 5,000 files (or folders) under it, you are no longer able to browse the folder or find files. This is called the 5000 file limit.

This limitation is due to the way SharePoint stores information in its database.

Whilst not an issue for most organisations, now and then we get hit by a customer who has uploaded a ton of files into a folder and cannot see them anymore.

We posed this problem to our dev team. We knew we couldn’t get access online to the files, but maybe there was some magic they could pull to get the files back.

After about six months of investigation, our Development Manager, Laurence came up with a fantastic idea. Using the SharePoint Search API, we can find the missing files and through some cool code in our SharePoint Online PowerShell library, as long as we know the original path, we can (in a single line of PowerShell), download and cut from SharePoint all the errant files and present them back to the customer.

The SharePoint Online PowerShell Library is available to our partners as part of the Certified Partner Program, but if you need help now, feel free to reach out.

While 5,000 files is still a limit, at least we can get the data back!

Office 365 in 365 launches today!

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When Roland Leggat from Microsoft Australia helped us found HubOne Enterprise, he was really passionate about end users (your staff) getting the most they could from Office 365.

He knew it was an awesome platform but was disappointed that most people never really saw the incredible benefits it could bring to their working life.

Research has shown we all hate change; and change at work is even worse. Everyone knows that little and often is the key, but how can this happen with software?

In comes Office 365 in 365. Using the power of the cloud, we deliver bite size training over a year period at less than the cost of your lunch.

It’s a subscription, so there’s no risk. You can sign up or cancel at any time, but try it out. Just seeing the delight on your teams faces will be worth it!

You can sign up today here:

HubOne ARN cloud accounting

HubOne’s Cloud accounting app is getting popular

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HubOne’s Cloud-based accounting application, Modern Practice Portal, has experienced rapid growth since its launch in 2014. Over the past year, the app has attracted more than 6000 new users.

Read more on ARN »

Since inception in 2008, HubOne set out to improve the way Australian accounting firms do business by developing a cloud solution that would save money, simplify IT processes and achieve efficiency and flexibility in the workplace to get more done, faster.

Learn more about the Modern Practice Portal

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HubOne invited to attend ARN Mobility Roundtable

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HubOne was invited to attend the recent ARN Roundtable – Connected collaboration: the mobility story. View the images here >


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HubOne Enterprise names Roland Leggat as director and CTO

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AAEAAQAAAAAAAAJ3AAAAJDQyZGE1ZDgyLTVhMzUtNDFjYS1hZjIzLWE3MDNkYmIyYjJkYQHubOne is pleased to announce the appointment of Roland Leggatt as its new director and CTO. Roland will be focused on helping clients adopt the benefits of the cloud, and the adoption of new practices such as activity based working.

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HubOne ARN Awards Winner

HubOne announced as a finalist in the 2015 ARN ICT Industry Awards

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HubOne is pleased to be announced as a finalist in the 2015 ARN ICT Industry Awards. This recognition reflects HubOne’s investment in client solutions utilising the latest cloud technology.


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The ever changing role of a Manager
in an accounting Firm – Part I

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trevor-schoenmaeker_sml.png25 years ago I joined a big 4 accounting firm as a graduate Accountant. My Manager then was a special beast.
He would lock his office door and bark instructions, send out work to be done and complain when mistakes were made. At no time did he get involved in any training or help me with my workflow.

Sound familiar?

I wonder if this set the grounding for what I thought was the role of a manager in an accounting firm or if this is what partners of accounting firms expect…. a pseudo partner managing clients and providing specialist advice.

I remember fondly the WIP Meetings at 7:30 am on a Monday morning.

Everyone in the boardroom LA law style, partners sending down the message to get work done and helping us with queries and workflow.

Managers rarely attended, either they were smart enough to book meetings with clients or they just were not expected to attend.  All of my mentorship, guidance and training came from the Partners not the Manager.

This trend continued throughout my career, even when I was a manager.

I then found out what was going on. The pressure to bill hours, achieve productivity and deal with clients just did not leave time to work with a team of graduates. They were thrown in the deep end just like I was. It was clearly a sink or swim philosophy.

As partners we continued to set these expectations of managers. Over time, however, I saw that there were two different types of managers evolving;

  • the traditional manager focussed billable hours and client management,
  • and the one who lead a team and got fantastic results, managed their client’s workflow, but never achieved their productivity targets.

As all we cared about was achieving productivity targets, it seemed like the second manager was doomed.

I have worked very closely with a large number of accounting firms in the past 3 years and I can see that this trend continues.

So what’s right?

I think in general the accounting industry has got their definitions wrong. All businesses, and not just accounting firms need to clearly identify and reward managers based on their strengths.

Not billable hours. 

At HubOne I have seen a very different approach and clearly defined manager. They are employed and rewarded to manage a team of people and get the best from them – Leveraging their own and their team’s  knowledge. They are rewarded for the results of the team. It’s a true flat management structure.

A number of the firms I have worked with and especially the larger more traditional firms seem to really struggle with their managers. This is most apparent when they get involved in implementing new systems and processes.

They don’t have the time nor the incentive.

The most difficult person to change is the manager, when you expect the most support in change management to come from them. Why is this? What’s going on in these firms?

Read the answer in my next installment so subscribe for more!


Windows 10 Launches today

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Since midnight, personal computers around the world have been upgrading to Windows 10.  Here at HubOne, we’re really excited about this launch.  Not only is there now a fantastic operating system which we think suits the needs of almost all of our customers, but there’s a some key features which will enhance your experience working in the new cloud-only world..

One of the to the new features in windows 10 it’s the ability for it to integrate with Azure Active Directory.  You may or may not know that Azure Active Directory is the core database of users and groups that underlies Microsoft Office 365.  Up until today there have been issues for some customers in moving away from an on-premises Domain Controller.  However from now on Windows 10 devices can join Azure Active Directory and instantly allow for multiple single sign-on and enhanced configuration using Microsoft Intune and other features previously only available to those with on premises servers.

Since 2010 when we relaunched as the cloud integrator, we have had a vision of the cloud only organization of the future.  As with the cloud computing itself, there are always a number of systems that need to work together to meet such lofty goals.  We’ve been working with preview editions of Windows 10 for over a year and believe all of our customers will get the best experience by using windows 10 from today.

To celebrate some of these new features we are extending our support to include desktop, laptop and tablet computers running Windows 10.  That means, if you are running Windows 10 we can do a far greater level of support than if you’re running any other operating system.  For most people, running a Microsoft operating system the windows 10 upgrade should be seamless.  If you are running Windows 8, there will already have been an icon in your taskbar announcing Windows 10.

The upgrade does get more complicated when you are running a legacy operating system such as Windows XP or even a Mac.  If you’re running one of these legacy platforms, please contact our sales team at and we can Scope a project to upgrade you to Windows 10.



Windows 10 Logo

Operating system launches don’t come around every day and as a technical company it’s always exciting when one does.  We can’t wait to share some of the benefits of Windows 10 with you and if you see any of our team out and about, ask them to show you just how cool it is.

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